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About the series

The Toilet Diaries

Two best friend photographers, two toilets and a shitload of creativity and humour: The Toilet Diaries in a nutshell.

Gerben Grotenhuis and Marc Marselje (Guldor Photography) both started photofreelancing right after their graduations.

They decided to start a new photostudio together called Ducktape Studios, basically with the idea to start an Andy Warhol creative crazy Factory kinda thing.

Besides their own professional careers they started working on projects together and one day this one started at the toiletroom in their photostudio; Toilet Daries was born!

How did the idea come to mind?
Marc: "You know..., after a night of heavy drinking you wake up in the toilet and realise you still need to do the dishes..."

The guys don't take themselves too serious about it, which you realise once you notice their ambitions about the future of the Diaries. After the calender we also want to create a coffee table toiletbook, a column, an unique fashion clothingline and offcourse a parfume".

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